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ATRAM Asia Plus Equity Fund


ATRAM Asia Plus Recovery Fund


ATRAM AsiaPlus Recovery Fund, Inc. (the “Fund”) is a stock corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 31, 2008



Management of the Fund

Investment Manager

ATR Asset Management, Inc.

Principal Distributor

ATR Asset Management, Inc.


Bonds, Equities, Securities and Traders, Inc.


Deutsche Bank AG-Manila Branch


Investment Objective 


The Fund is a mutual fund invested in selected stocks and selected offshore-domiciled portfolios of stocks, actively managed for maximum value performance, and designed for those who desire high growth with moderate to high risk.


The Fund is designed to provide returns consisting of dividend income and capital growth mainly through investment in a diversified portfolio of listed international equity securities and offshore- domiciled funds invested in foreign equities. An adequate portion of the portfolio will be invested in cash and near-cash assets to ensure that redemptions will be adequately and immediately serviced.


Investment Policy 

The Fund will invest in a combination of stocks with large, medium, and small capitalization that can provide good value and capital appreciation over the medium term. Earnings growth potential, attractive valuation, quality of management team, corporate governance, and transparency would be the primary criteria for stock selection. The Fund will also invest in offshore-domiciled funds invested in foreign equities, primarily those invested in publicly-listed Asian equities.



Features of the Fund

 Fund Structure:

 Mutual Fund

 Fund Currency:

 US Dollar

 Launch Date:

 March 8, 2010

 Minimum Participation Amount:

 US$ 1,000.00

 Minimum Additional Investment:

 US$ 500.00

 Front End Fee:

 Maximum of 2% (Please See Table Below)

 Minimum Holding Period:

 15 Days

 Early Redemption Penalty:

 1% of Redemption Amount

 Minimum Redemption Amount:

 US$ 500.00

 Redemption Notice Period:

 7 Banking Days

 Trust (Advisory) Fee:


 Recommended Investment Horizon:

 At least 3 years

 Valuation of the Fund:


 Initial Net Asset Value Per Unit:

 US$ 1.00



Front-End Load / Fee (Exclusive of EVAT)

Amount of Investment

Front-End Fee

500 - 4,999

2.00 %

5,000 - 14,999

1.75 %

15,000 - 24,999

1.50 %

25,000 - 34,999

1.25 %

35,000 - 49,999

1.00 %

50,000 - up



Historical Return
















* March to December 2010Configure

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