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Be a Licensed Agent

If you are interested to sell the Optima Funds, CALL US!

Three modules have been developed to help the Sales Associates better understand and appreciate the Optima Funds. These modules are designed to provide increasing levels of learning and expertise in the industry in general and in Optima funds in particular.


The three modules are as follows:



The product knowledge seminar is designed to give sales associates the basic background and framework of the Optima Funds. With this knowledge, they would be able to identify clients who are receptive and interested in this kind of investment and thus refer these said prospective investors to licensed Sales Agents for further presentations and possible closing of the accounts.

Sales Agents who have attended this first module are considered referrers and are entitled to referrer's commission.



 Agents ultimately have this exclusive option to become licensed representatives of the mutual funds of the Optima Funds.

This seminar aims to give participants the best possible preparation for the highly competitive Investment Company Representative Certification Exam (ICRCE) given by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the governing body of mutual fund companies.

This two-day seminar discusses the following topics:

1. Fundamentals of Securities

2. Economics, Financial Statements and Investment Analysis

3. Mutual Funds and Financial Planning

4. Laws, Rules and Regulations

5. Code of Ethics

The seminar is usually set a month before the actual ICRCE.

Successful sales agents will be considered Mutual Fund Licensed Agents and have the following advantages:

1. Has the authority to conduct marketing presentations and close Mutual Fund accounts

2. Be entitled to full licensed commissions for personally closed Mutual Fund accounts

3. Earn the Licensed Agents' commission from Mutual Fund accounts forwarded by the referrers.

Pre-requisite Courses: Modules 1 and 2

Seminar Fee: P 450.00 inclusive of Seminar Materials, lunch and snacks 

(Fee is exclusive of P 500.00 ICRCE fee)

The requirements for taking the ICRCE are the following:

1. Registration Form: Investment Company Representative Certification Examination >> Download ICRCE Form

2. One (1) Recent 2x2 ID Picture

3. Registration Fee of P 500.00

Sales Agents who have attended this first module are considered referrers and are entitled to referrer's commission.

Sales Agent may also have an option to attend the Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITF) Accreditation provided by our sister company, PLPI Financials and Insurance Brokers, Inc.


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