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How do I redeem my Optima Fund/s?




I.         ACCOMPLISH the Subscription and Redemption Ticket (SR) (pls. click to download)


II.       FAX to 894-1153 or EMAIL to helpdesk@myoptimafunds.com


To facilitate immediate processing of your transaction, fax or email the SR.


Pls. note that if above documents are not faxed or emailed in advance, the BOOKING DATE of your investment will be the RECEIPT DATE OF THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS.


The SR should be received within the cut-off time of the fund being redeemed, otherwise, the investment shall be booked the following business day. Cut-off times are as follows:





BPI Philippine Equity Index Fund 

2:00 PM

Odyssey Peso Bond Fund 
Odyssey Philippine Equity Fund 
Odyssey Diversified Balanced Fund

Odyssey Asia Pacific High Dividend Fund

2:30 PM

ATRAM Corporate Bond Fund

ATRAM Dynamic Allocation Fund

ATRAM Total Return Dollar Bond Fund

ATRAM Philippine Equity Opportunity Fund

ATRAM Alpha Opportunity Fund

ATRAM AsiaPlus Equity Fund

3:15 PM


III.      INDICATE in the Subscription and Redemption Ticket (SR) if your redemption proceeds will be claimed in:


A.      Cash (applicable to the Odyssey Philippine Dollar Bond Fund only)

B.     Check

C.     Deposit to Account


Note:  A fee of P 50.00 shall be charged for both the issuance of check and deposit.




Send the ORIGINAL SR to Bonds, Equities, Securities and Traders, Inc.,

2nd Floor, Basic Petroleum Bldg., 104

Don Carlos Palanca St

Legaspi Village, MakatiCity





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